Skills in Detail / FAQ

Writer ++ and Content Specialist — what does that mean?

My strengths as a content specialist are multilateral in their applications. The great thing about what I bring to the table is that I don’t just come with a single dish, so to speak. My main aim in its simplest definition is to ensure the quality of written content, maintain standards, and build/contribute to effective communication.

A content specialist means writer + copywriter + editor + social media activist + basic proficiency in web development and graphic design + team leader + collaborator + strategist + researcher + metrics analyzer

I am versed in writing, and editing for internal and external documents.

  • I’m knowledgeable of web visibility opportunities, linking, SEO, keyword and meta-tagging, and best practices in social media avenues.
  • I objectively look at accessibility, functionality and design. I’m experienced working within content management systems, and I actively keep up to date on current and emerging web technologies.
  • I’m right there in front during meetings, collecting information, asking questions, generating ideas and strategies, engaging across departments.
    Creating in or out facing content requires not only understanding how the desired audience interacts with the materials, the ability to create a structured plan—that different parties can give or take away from, and with a comfortable grasp on how to measure and evaluate all the above.
  • I’m a developer, creator, and evaluator.

Hootsuite Certified Professional

What Kind of Writing Do/Can You Provide?

My BA is in TV/Film and Media Studies with a focus on Broadcast and Print Journalism

  • Blogging and Articles
  • Newswriting, news briefs, recaps
  • Profiles
  • Newsletter
  • Editorial
  • Informative
  • Short and Long Form
  • Transcription
  • Copywriting / Copy Editing /Microcopy
  • Persuasive and Informative Web Copy
  • Video Scripts
  • How To / Instructional
  • Interviews
  • Brochures
  • Case Studies
  • Communication Plans
  • Presentations

This was written as a writing sample. This is a real business that is referenced. I have no affiliation with this business, and this has not been published anywhere on their behalf. Any and all mentioned links have been purposely disabled.

How to Eat for the Winter? Cozy Up That Palate at Desmond’s Steakhouse

Just because it’s freezing outside doesn’t mean you have to rush home and hole up. Instead think about your meal options the way you do when getting dressed, in textures and layers. Winter is the perfect opportunity to take your time to focus on textures, smells, and layers of taste.

Picture this: seafood platters piled high with chilled lobster, oysters, clams, jumbo shrimp, and colossal crab meat. Signature dishes like seared sesame tuna with pickled ginger and honey glaze. Surf-and-turf served with an eight-ounce Brazilian lobster tail, often considered some of the best tasting tails in the world, firm in texture and with a delicately sweet flavor, rounded out with sautéed wild mushrooms and truffle oil. Match your mood and pace with a glass of wine from their impressive choice of options rich in aromatic dimension and flavor. A glass of one of their bold Cabernet Sauvignon offerings perhaps?

Located only minutes from the Theater District overlooking Fashion Avenue, Desmond’s Steakhouse has some of Manhattan’s top unforgettable entrées. Steak is the star of this premiere USDA Prime Beef American Steakhouse of course—indulging in steak fare is a must, but give into the temptations of their fresh seafood pairings and your taste buds will thank you.

Visit Desmond’s Steakhouse today, enjoy their carefully crafted layers of flavor and put that chilly weather out of sight, out of mind.

What are Your Computer Skills?

I consider myself computer savvy and a fast learner able to learn and adapt to software and hardware programs necessary. This is a base level of where my knowledge level begins.

  • Experienced in WordPress and Hootsuite
  • Basic HTML
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Basic Photoshop and InDesign
  • Proficient in all Microsoft Suite Applications
  • Able to use a Desktop PC, Mac, and iPad

What is Your Formal Social Media Education?

What I love about social media, there’s no fool-proof method, so we can always stand to learn more!

My education in social media specifically, has been gained through trial and error, online and print reading and research, the following of influencers on social media like, ‘Social Media 4nonprofits’ and Beth Kanter on Twitter. Participating in groups on LinkedIn such as Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations. Attending various webinars and taking Skillshare classes like, Context is Key: Social Media Strategy in a Noisy Online World, taught by Gary Vaynerchuk.

What Does Your Approach to Social Media Look Like and Why?

Who doesn’t like a little showing with their telling? I certainly do!

This was written as a writing sample. This is a real organization that is referenced, and these are critiques of their real online posts. I have no affiliation with this organization, but I am interested and respect the work they do. Any  and all mentioned links have been purposely disabled.

Example AABB Facebook post: In our Dec. 11 PBM webinar, Heather Mingo, SNP, will discuss the role of the specialized nurse practitioner in patient blood management. Register:

And how I would update it: Join Us! AABB’s Patient Blood Management Webinar Series Continues –February 3rd, 2015. Heather Mingo, SNP, Capital District Health Authority, will discuss the role of the specialized nurse practitioner in PBM. Register today:

Another Example AABB Facebook post: German scientists have used embryonic stem cells from a mouse to create spinal cord in a petri dish.

Writing on Facebook doesn’t come with the same constraints as Twitter—which is great! I really believe in creating varied content and shaping it to best fit the platform.

And how I would rewrite it: Enormous achievement from German researchers could give hope to millions suffering from spinal cord injuries! (And why this once paralyzed mouse is now walking) A team from the University of Dresden has successfully used embryonic stem cells from a mouse to grow an intact spinal cord in a petri dish. As if that weren’t enough of a breakthrough because the “principles of growth and signaling should be the same in humans,” there’s also the possibility that, embryonic stem cells might not be necessary to further research. Read the details and more on

I enjoy Twitter. I’ve been delving into different hashtag tactics and exploring my favorite Twitter tools that provide real time hashtag analytics.

Example @aabb tweet: Ever heard of the #bloodtyping game? Play it yourself or share it with your students:

And how I’d re-craft it: When can a game help prep you to save a life? When it has to do w/ bloodtyping—that’s when! #transfusions #medlab

The hashtag bloodtyping on its own, while a relevant “keyword” isn’t a well-used, or commonly discovered hashtag. I’d twitter search it and favorite the last months’ worth of related twitter tweets by other users (must engage with others!), take note of other often used with it hashtags, and compare them with current potential reach analytics.

I could go on, or we can chat so I can answer more in-depth the questions you’d like to know. I’ve worked with non-profits, a government agency, small business owners, and an assortment of startup websites thus far, now would be a great time for us to talk if you have more questions. 

For employment inquires and opportunities I can be reached by:

Email / Twitter @12interesting / Linkedin


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