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Nonprofit News

Could Saving Up All Year to Give to Charity Become a Thing?


If word continues to spread of how Charity Buzz collects proceeds for well deserving nonprofits, it just may well be.

We already know that the end of the year is consumers favorite time to give and retailers favorite time to receive.  It’s also when nonprofits take in the bulk of their donation dollars too—perhaps we’re off setting all the frivolous purchasing that we’re doing. It’s a commercialized holiday that some look far and wide for ways to redeem the spirit of, but even then it’s a certain kind of person that receives a donation in their name and is honest to goodness thrilled about it. There’s no need to feel bad if you’re not one of them, you’re not alone. You’re also not alone if following through on giving generously to those in need isn’t what you’d like it to be. If all charity organizations ran on budgets only supported by altruistic giving, there wouldn’t be as many successfully supporting their mission statements. They know they have to get creative.

How in one week an organization in the hole $64 million, ended up collecting $88 million for Syrian Refugees


The World Food Program (WFP) is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger, began the month of December announcing that due to lack of funds they would not be able to support, through the end the year, the food voucher program currently feeding 1.7 displaced Syrian refugees. As the Syrian civil war that began in 2011 continues to wage on, 4.25 million of their residents are displaced and nearly 2 million exiled to nearby countries, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt. The voucher program provides funds for refugees to buy food at local markets and stores.  With the winter months here  and children already without warm clothes and living in harsh conditions protected in many cases from the elements only by tents, it couldn’t be a worse time for the global aid organization to come up short.

Promotional Travel

Hilton New Delhi Noida Mayur Vihar via (scroll down)
Whether it’s your first time to India, or you are a repeat sightseer back for more, New Delhi, the country’s capital is a nook and exciting cranny filled city. Enter The Hilton New Delhi Noida Mayur Vihar hotel and you’re in a primo location for those exploratory adventures.

Hilton Garden Inn Williamsburg via (scroll down)

How to Hostel via University Times (California State University Los Angeles):

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Drop the Left or Right Brain Score and Get the Job Your Whole Brain Likes
“Left or right brain” quizzes are popular, but my advice is to steer clear in harping on exact percentages, and which side of the brain rules your world.

Figuring out what you’re going to excel at in life, looking through job descriptions, networking, going on interviews, it can all be kind of daunting, am I right? Whether you know exactly the life path you want, or are navigating through and hoping it will come to you; paying attention to your processing behavior is never going to be a bad idea.

Split the brain down the middle and you have two hemispheres performing separate functions of varying degrees, and those interactions give us a personality. How about taking a bit of insight into your brain and using it to your job landing benefit.

Amazon Will Pay Their Employees to Quit via Career Addict
How would you like it if your boss walked up to you, asked about your job satisfaction, and then proceeded to tell you they’d be willing to cut you a check to leave. No hard feelings. is willing to do just that. We’re not talking about a severance package, because you only get that when you’re laid off. And this isn’t a last paycheck sort of thing either. This is Amazon’s “Please Don’t Take This Offer” program. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently explained in his annual letter to shareholders a program, that he hopes will ensure the company only keeps around employees who want to be there.

It’s not an original plan,, a shoe and apparel website, began this program years ago. It begins by offering cash incentives to quit during their extensive training process. Over the years Zappos’s program has gone from paying new employees $100 to $4000 to simply walk away if they feel working with them isn’t a good fit.
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1 in 5 UK Employees are Fearful of Losing Their Job

Are You Wearing Your Name Or Is It The Other Way Around?


Should a Guaranteed Income be the Basic Income Policy for All
Nothing can become possible unless it’s first proposed and discussed. That was author and political activist, Thomas Paine’s reasoning in 1797. He advocated for a “basic income” idea way back then that’s resurged today. A utopia of sorts that sounds like a mash up of social security, without the age requirements, and a continuous stimulus package.

Once upon a time the basic income policy, also now known as guaranteed or universal income was presented as a negative income tax. Defined in meaning that if an individual’s income falls below a threshold, (say, $1,500 a month) the government supplements the difference. Now it’s regularly described as a program with a flat rate of monetary provision. No restrictions, just a monthly allotted dollar amount to all.

There certainly are a lot of pros and a handful of potential cons in such a program, but maybe it could be a step in the right direction?

You’d have to be living under a rock to not be aware of our employment issues, minimum wage drama, and the whole complex distribution of wealth thing we’ve got going on.
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Seeing Red: Playing Around with the US Economy
Congress vs. the President? Republicans vs. Democrats? More like the Federal government vs. the American public. This round goes to no one, because we all lost in the overall scheme of things. Instead of working out an agreement on a budget and effective spending, for 16 days half our political forces essentially played chicken with the other side as if in a drag race. There were some issues they, as in the Republican members of Congress, could have changed. There were other issues they were never going to change, as in defunding the Affordable Care Act. In the end those who started it, were also those who ended it because their so called strategy failed and they had to swerve in direction.

Is there any way the government cannot play poker with each other using nearly 316million United State citizens as chips? The world is looking and games are being played in an economy that can’t afford the gamble. On top of it all no hand has been won, it’s simply been halted and will resume at a later date.

Does this feel like deju vu of the winter ‘95-’96 shutdown during the Clinton era that sent government workers and other non-essential services  into a 27 day halt? Of course it does. Considering Republicans are a party represented by an elephant, don’t they know they aren’t supposed to forget?

In the government furloughed definitions vary. For regular jobs, furloughs are times of mandatory unpaid leave do to a company’s economic condition. Take for example in 2009 when various school districts and universities implemented “furlough days”. In California a mandatory two-day per month furlough policy was implemented to prevent layoffs and the cut saved approximately $270 million of their $564 million budget deficit. That would be an administrative furlough: furloughs as most know it. A shutdown furlough is when spending plans haven’t been decided for the beginning of a fiscal year, there’s no lead time and money very suddenly stops being spent.

As scary as the words “FEDERAL SHUTDOWN” sound, it should be clarified that what happened during the entire first half of October was a partial shutdown.

By most accounts what just happened to US government employees seemed like paid vacation time on the taxpayer dollar.

Ohio: Interested in Standing Their Ground
While some are scratching their head at the fact that George Zimmerman is in the news again, this time because he has a girlfriend and people can’t seem to grapple with the concept  or why the media is telling them about it. Meanwhile the law and trial that his name has become synonymous with, is also in the news. Stand your ground legislation is well on its way to being formalized, in Ohio, seeing as November 20th saw Ohio’s state House approving a measure that would grant gun owners wider liberty to use their weapons in defense. They’d be joining nearly two dozen states with various shades of Florida’s highly publicized law; half of which came in to effect after the Trayvon Martin case.

Have you ever seen one of those convenience store surveillance videos with a would be theft charging into a shop, gun in hand, telling, the clerk at point blank range to give them all the money in the register. Only to have that employee without hesitation turn around, pull out their own shotgun, hop over the counter and chase them out; completely turning the tables. (If you haven’t seen one of these videos look them up.)

Castle laws in terms of self-defense rights at home, called this because your home is your castle, generally sound as cut and dry as the above instance looks. You come to my house, intent on attacking or harming me, and you’re getting attacked right back. Just like a parent tells a child to not back down from a bully, it’s all very, they may have started the fight, but you will be the one to finish it, sort of behavior where the law recognizes your retaliation and won’t hold it against should these events happen in your home, vehicle, or place of work. This ‘make my day’ law is contingent on another party throwing the first punch, so to speak, or presenting behavior aggressively towards you outside your comfort zone.
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Three Months Later into a New Year: Since the Shutdown
It’s been three months, it’s a new year. Before December ended the House and Senate budget committee successfully created a federal spending budget. An outline that appropriators of the House Appropriations Committee still have to figure out how to actually make work, but through bipartition efforts at least that spending budget was seen to completion.  Between the costumes of Halloween, stuffing filled Thanksgiving, and starlight star bright Hanukkah/ Christmas, let’s look at a few other things our government did after the shutdown and into the pop, fizz, and clink of 2014.

Congress decided that in 2014 they will work less days, federal employees will get a 1% raise, and this ad (see left) was supposed to get healthy Millennials such as myself, excited about health care, by signing up on a website that doesn’t always work and everyone doesn’t completely understand.

Oh, and the President went home to Hawaii.
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Critique of: The Real Homeland Security Issues for 2014

This article made an interesting point in our need for new conversations about threats to our safety. Nine times out of ten it does seem like every time we talk about terrorist or potential attacks references are made to Al Qaeda, and it they most certainly aren’t the only ones we should have concern about. There is such a blatant opportunity for other enemies to create and launch themselves into action. Such behavior could be likened to racial profiling of minority groups being heavily enforced and opening up a window of opportunity for the unobserved racial groups of thieves and criminals to up their ante, because no one is giving them much attention.

I would argue though that homeland security is very driven by the past because all of our actions thus forth have been ways to prevent those very specific actions. Attack us via planes and we’ve gone bonkers in over protecting ourselves on planes. If the government were pushing themselves to use their imagination and think outside the box maybe more preventative actions could be focused on new and innovative methods. Putting all our updated security measure tactics in one basket is proving to have increasing dire effects. There should be a mash up of efforts, correcting the past and targeting what methods haven’t been done yet. The rest of this article I felt supported the lack of imagination, but for a second there it seemed as though the author was going back and forth in their analyses.

The section highlighting “tough questions that must be asked” was definitely spot on its suggestion of what we should be asking ourselves.

The reference of the push back on domestic intelligence activities fit in this article kind of like a brief thought unsupported by examples of such activities. To a pass by reader most of this article wouldn’t warrant additional immediate research to understand it because, that part was somewhat hazy. I think to make note of something like that should either be slightly elaborated on or cut out in my opinion.


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Humor and Personal Stories

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Female Encouragement / Religion

Just Keep On Going
Have faith and a burning desire…

So imagine this, you’ve just launched a business in a store front location. You’ve spent the last several years pouring our blood sweat and tears into this endeavor. You’ve never had an official work space, just a walk in closet size room off the side of your living, a young daughter to support and a passion. You’ve put in the labor, gone without, and slowly but surely you’ve gotten your product in people’s hands to rave reviews. But you need a store front. It’s a helpful necessity, a strong business plan desire. You’re a single mother and you’ve been telling your daughter that you’re going to have a store one day, and together this business is going to be a victory for you both. Your business is named after her. You do all of this for her. It’s a hard road, it’s been a long road, but you’re a woman of courage, determination and of faith.

You’re fearless.
(read more) via (bottom of the page) Documentary review. A Snapshot of How God is Using Them via My Review of the Jews for Jesus Movie Awakening 

*Articles linked from were written originally under my pseudonyms Maddie Banks and Eliza Barnett