Margaret Barnes is a highly self-motivated online and offline writer who brings a diversified skill set in writing that is rich with social media participation. She has an irrepressible desire to simplify complex information, and a drive to help people discover the potential of an idea. While earning her Broadcast Journalism degree from California State University of Los Angeles, Margaret was trained by the likes of several award winning journalists including Tony Cox, Jeff Spurrier, and Jon Beaupre.

me2+ years experience in directly overseeing and participating in the creation and CMS management of digital content for smaller web based organizations as well as a large scale federal agency.

4+ years of experience in supporting websites along the lines of research,
best practices in search optimization and effectively redistributing information across multiple digital channels including social media platforms.

Dedica385758_10100659003344078_278732074_nted to the craft of writing, Margaret is creative and disciplined in the collection, verification, and analysis of information. She activity writes in various styles, structures, and formats—from copy writing to editorials. Margaret brings ease to projects, editors, and all involved, because of her reliability, consistency in quality, and professionalism.

Margaret can be found working in D.C. as a sometimes content specialist, and providing general freelance writing services, including social media and website development consultation. When not doing that she’s tending to her own news and culture themed website interesting12.com, “putting a stamp on the news and the worthy,” and tweeting about issues and topics that make her go “think” in the night @12interesting.

As Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

For employment inquires and opportunities I can be reached by:

Email maggiebbass@yahoo.com / Twitter @onmaggieswatch / Linkedin


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