Writing is her passion, and life is her fascination.

-Tim Collins, Graphic Designer, The Young Turks, Los Angeles, CA

Maggie is a close friend whom I had the pleasure of knowing while she lived in Los Angeles. I am a production artist at The Young Turks, the news cycle has kept us in conversations and intellectual mazes for hours at a time. She has shared many interesting stories with me, some of which made our daily news rundown and were covered on our main show.

Maggie is a fountain bubbling with creativity, intellectual curiosity, and fascination. Writing is her passion, and life is her fascination. Not only does her writing capture the body of whatever story she has focused her attention on, but it also conveys her own excitement for learning. She addresses topics with research, but also with honest insight and practical doubt.

Person-to-person, Maggie is a doll. Her sweet and amiable facade does nothing but amplify her genuine, caring, and resilient soul. Her open mindedness coupled with her sense of social justice has shown through in many settings. Simply put, Maggie is one of the most quality people I know, and I am not exaggerating.

You would do very well to hire Maggie Barnes. She has a strong, independent mind, and the natural gift of a sincere heart. Her passion for writing, her intellectual curiosity, and practicality make her the ideal candidate to regularly generate substantive, high caliber editorials.