Just Keep On Going

This was originally written for Fearless Daughters (dot) com

October 2013


Have faith and a burning desire…

So imagine this, you’ve just launched a business in a store front location. You’ve spent the last several years pouring our blood sweat and tears into this endeavor. You’ve never had an official work space, just a walk in closet size room off the side of your living, a young daughter to support and a passion. You’ve put in the labor, gone without, and slowly but surely you’ve gotten your product in people’s hands to rave reviews. But you need a store front. It’s a helpful necessity, a strong business plan desire. You’re a single mother and you’ve been telling your daughter that you’re going to have a store one day, and together this business is going to be a victory for you both. Your business is named after her. You do all of this for her. It’s a hard road, it’s been a long road, but you’re a woman of courage, determination and of faith.

You’re fearless.

Your car has been broken into more than once, laptop stolen, various parts of the car taken, the doors no longer lock, but when this car decides to work (which isn’t always) it gets you from A to B, so you hang on to it. The car is still there. Praise God.

You’re thankful.

You have mishaps at work, sometimes you’re hungry when you wish you weren’t. You know every situation will pass. God is in control.

You’re confident.

They say slow and steady wins the race, well it looks like you’re starting to see that finishline because so much starts coming together. People volunteering important services to you because they believe in you, opportunities to help others around you to your own financial gain, an investor, more clients, and the holy grail: a partnership with another that means you will finally have your first store location!! It’s not all yours, but what is yours, is yours. New tasks to accomplish have now been thrust upon you. You don’t have all the answers but you know you’re headed the right way. God willing.

You’re trusting.

The launch happens! Oh wow!! It’s a success! You’re excited. You can’t wait to keep on this trajectory. Three days later, your car breaks down. Again. A family offers to help you. Maybe you weren’t as wise as you should have been, or as careful, but you thought they were being really kind to help you on the side of the road. You’d recently picked up a significant amount of cash for your expenses and you needed to deposit it at the bank, but the car issue was slowing you down. You find out, that this family, with their young child in tow, close in age to your own, has stolen from you. They go in your purse and take all that you have.

You’re sad. And rather angry.

Its okay to be so. You’re human. The police are no help. There’s no time to wallow in this you firmly believe. Time is of the essence. You have to keep moving.
Keep your eye on the prize. You may be (momentarily ) shaken, but you’re by no means stirred.

You’re focused.

You have faith and a burning desire. You will just keep on moving no matter what happens. God hasn’t stopped being the God He said He is, so why should should you stop being the you you’ve set out to be?

You’re fearless.

(I know the wonderful young woman who didn’t have to imagine this, because this all happened to her recently. She can be fearless. So can you.)